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Legal Professionals - A - Z Topic . If you are employed as a Legal Professional, the ATO has a guide which will help you work out what you can claim in your tax return.
Legal Professionals Legal Professionals Tax 1800 654 591 Legal Professionals 30 years Experience Increase the size of your refund
Chefs Tax Refunds ChefsTax 1800 654 591 Chefs Tax Returns 30 years Experience Increase the size of your refund
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Legal Professions Multi Tax Options
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Australian Police Download center For On Line Tax Returns
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Make sure that you photocopy all your original tax documents. Please do not send us your originals. Download self addressed postage paid- PDF

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    Mail your tax package to: Tax OnLine Reply Post 52  P.O. Box 313
  Mitcham Vic 3132.You will be sent an SMS or an email to confirm that we have
  received your postal pack and that the job will be commenced shortly.

    We will complete your tax return and either post it back to your address or
    email it to you if it is more convenient. We will also call you to explain the
    results so you get no suprises.

    Once you are satisfied with the tax outcome a Tax declaration will be collected
    from you either by post or by email. Your Tax will be lodged electronically the
   same day we get your declaration back.

    Once your card payment arrangements have been confirmed. We will send your
    ATO assessment back to you by email or post. Your Refund will be paid
    directly by the ATO into your chosen bank account.


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The early bird catches the 25% off discount if the police tax return is completed by 15th august 2012.

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