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Legal Professionals - A - Z Topic . If you are employed as a Legal Professional, the ATO has a guide which will help you work out what you can claim in your tax return.
Legal Professionals Legal Professionals Tax 1800 654 591 Legal Professionals 30 years Experience Increase the size of your refund
Chefs Tax Refunds ChefsTax 1800 654 591 Chefs Tax Returns 30 years Experience Increase the size of your refund
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Tax Return Preparation
OnLine Tax, is committed to being the best, most thorough tax return service available to Australian Chefs . 
The Tax OnLine team is proud to ensure Taxpayers are being taken care of getting the best possible tax outcome.

The average tax preparer does not know the unique deductions available to your industry.


Whether you are filing your own taxes or using a Non Specialist Tax service, chances are you are missing out on thousands of dollars on your annual return.

Our Tax OnLine clients include people from all Duties and backgrounds in your industry.

All Tax OnLine clients receive:  

> Tax Return Accuracy - We identify and work with you to resolve any potential problems the ATO may have with your tax return prior to submission. 

> E-Filing & Direct Deposit - Your tax return will be electronically filed so that you can receive your refund more quickly.
> Free Audit Representation - We handle all ATO representation originating from a tax return you have paid us to plan and prepare.

> Free Amended Returns - We offer free amended returns unless the need for an amended return is caused by your delay or decision.
> Potential Deductions - Lists of commonly overlooked deductions are available on our website year-round. We also offer advice on financial choices that can increase tax deductions for the following year.
> Tax Refunds 14 Days * -We generally get your tax refunds back in 14 days subject to ATO approval.Any unusal or large Tax Claims out of the ordinary may slow the process down.

For more information about our tax preparation service, please complete this form:

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The early bird catches the 25% off discount if the police tax return is completed by 15th august 2012.

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